Apicoectomy in Norwalk

Why would I need endodontic surgery?

Generally, a root canal is all that is needed to save teeth with injured pulp from extraction. Occasionally, this non-surgical procedure will not be sufficient to heal the tooth and Dr. Pipher, Dr. Kilbride or Dr. Barnett will recommend surgery. Endodontic surgery can be used to locate fractures or hidden canals that do not appear on x-rays but still manifest pain in the tooth. Damaged root surfaces or the surrounding bone may also be treated with this procedure. The most common surgery used to save damaged teeth is an apicoectomy or root-end resection.

What is an apicoectomy?

The video above illustrates this simple procedure. An incision is made in the gum tissue to expose the bone and surrounding inflamed tissue. The damaged tissue is removed along with the end of the root tip. A root-end filling is placed to prevent reinfection of the root and the gum is sutured. The bone naturally heals around the root over a period of months restoring full function.

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A diagram of infected tissue in the bone near root tip of tooth
1. Infected Tissue
A representation of an incision made and infected tissue being removed from bone
2. Tissue Removed
An illustration of filling material placed in removed bone area and held with suture
3. Suture Placed
An example of the bone completely healed after a apicoectomy procedure
4. Healing Complete

What should I expect after an apicoectomy?

Following the procedure, there may be some discomfort or slight swelling while the incision heals. This is normal for any surgical procedure. To alleviate any discomfort, an appropriate pain medication will be recommended. If you have pain that does not respond to medication, please call our office.


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Patient Review

It is not my nature to write reco's of this nature but my experience and results from Dr Pipher were outstanding. He's an excellent practitioner but I get from my brief time working on me, he's a good man and has your best interests and issues about the work. Look if you need Endodontics work...this comes highly recommended to see him / them...

- Hal T

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Patient Review

So many years of topnotch care with Dr. Pipher! His post procedure calls are treasured. Debbie is beyond wonderful at the desk and Elizabeth absolutely excels in her more than able assistance to the great doctor himself!

- alice s talbot T

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Patient Review

Dr Pipher is beyond amazing!!!! I was very nervous about the procedure and the possible outcome. Dr. Pipher explained everything very much in detailed before procedure started. He kept me so relaxed and comfortable that the procedure flew by, I could not believe he was done. I did not feel a thing, it was completely painless. His assistant was there too very sweet and very caring!!!! Highly recommended THANK YOU for making this procedure so easy

- Paula R

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Patient Review

Dr. Pipher....just a brief note to indicate my great satisfaction with my recent surgery. All went well and I experienced only minimal pain. I attribute this to both your professional skills and to your caring and compassionate manner. Thank you fo a job well done.

- Lyn N

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